Mascottemania arises from the need of its founder Castellano Cristiano to make magical the most beautiful day of his little Martina. Her daughter was crazy about Peppa Pig, and her dream was to meet her in the flesh.

Since then, Cristiano's life has changed, first a single mascot began to turn around the house, then 2 then 3 at the end, every corner of his house was invaded by mascots.

Mascots of all kinds, famous people, fantastic animals, carrot-shaped mascots and many others.

For 5 years now Mascottemania has been the reference point in Italy for mascots of all kinds.

Our mascots are created with all Italian materials, certified, our foam is exclusively of high quality, coated with the best fabrics, choosing between fleeces, soft fleeces, fur, lycra, cotton... etc.

Custom mascots allow your company, your product to have a life of its own.

The mascot is perfect for an event where you want to stand out, imagine in a fair where everyone goes to do flyers, see your mascot, maybe a giant sandwich mascot that turns embraced by everyone, surely will make you distinguish from the Competition.

The creation of a mascot always passes through the hands of our founder, who designs it, cuts the various parts and assembles them, creating a bear, or a tiger or maybe a sun.

At the end of the foam part, it is the turn of the fabrics, with a team work between costume designers and seamstresses that together finish the whole thing.

Our mascots on demand can have any kind of accessory such as fully customizable knit bags hats.

Mascottemania stands out from the competition for the speed of delivery, the best value for money and for its totally certified product made in Italy.